Liberal Education

Brenau initiated its liberal Education Curriculum in the fall of 2007 and conducted numerous reviews to streamline, refine and clarify the requirements over the 2007-2009 academic years. A pilot assessment was undertaken in 2007-08; a cycle of sample course assessment across each of the Portals and Learning Outcomes was conducted for academic years 2008-09, 2009-10, and 2010-11.

The LE Curriculum Committee has approved the next assessment cycle as described below; each year the Liberal Education Committee will review the submitted results to draw conclusions and to guide next steps with regard to 1) the assessment process and 2) the general content and organization of the curriculum, and 3) our institutional success in achieving our LE goals.

In both the interest of curricular integrity and preparation for our 5 year SACS review, we have selected two to three LE learning outcomes per academic year for focused assessment as shown in the diagrams below. For more information on the Liberal Education program including the specific LE Learning Outcomes, see the Catalog entry and List of Liberal Education courses. Instructors and Lead Instructors should utilize the instructions and files here if it is their year to assess LE courses.

LE Resources

LE Data and Committee Review Results


Outcomes to assess

2017 or 2022


*Modern Languages

2018 or 2023



2019 or 2024




2020 or 2025


*Fine Arts



2021 or 2026